[<< wikibooks] Transportation Deployment Casebook/2018
Cases Prepared by Students in CIVL 3703/9703 at the University of Sydney should be uploaded here

== Technology ==
Beijing Private Cars
Life-Cycle Of Australia Civil Avitaion(1925-2017)
The two-wheel-miracle: an analysis of the life-cycle of Electric Bicycle in China
Fixed Telephone Subscription in China
Electric Cars in China
Nanjing Metro
EU High Speed Rail (HSR)
Civil Aviation in Australia
Electronic Toll Collection System
Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway
The Life-Cycle of the Automobile
Sydney and Intercity Rail
Airplanes in USA
Helmet Usage in Australia (2000 - 2017)
The Uber Life-Cycle
A History of Aeroplanes?
Motor Vehicles USA
Sydney Light Rail Systems
Sydney Trains
Express Delivery in China
Maglev train system (1922-2016)
Nanjing Metro (2005-2017)
Private cars in Beijing (1949-2015)
China Mobile phone (1987-2016)
Chinese High-Speed Railway
Taipei Metro (1996-2018)
Telegraph (1870-1970)
Civil Aviation in China (1980-2017)
Bike Sharing
Global commercial aviation
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
High Speed Rail Systems (Japan)
Natural Gas Vehicle
Container Shipping
Automobiles in the United States (1900-2016)
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the US
The Growth of the Automobile - The United States from 1900-1995
Stationless bike-sharing in China
Australian Car Registrations
Air Transport Mode
Hong Kong MTR
Australian Domestic Air Travel
US Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail
Rail Transport
Natural Gas Pipeline in the US
Intermodal Shipping Container
Beijing subway
Dockless Bike Sharing
The Internet