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== MFC Classes Hierarchy ==

==== CObject ====
The root/base class for most of the MFC library. Some of the features it makes available to the programmer are serialization support, run-time class information, and object diagnostic output. Any derived class from CObject, can exploit these features.
Class CObject in AFX.H
Field Summary 

static const AFX_CORE_DATA CRuntimeClass classCObject 

Constructor Summary 

protected  CObject() 
private  CObject( const CObject& objectSrc ) 
 virtual ~CObject() 

Method Summary 

void PASCAL operator delete( void* p ) 
virtual CRuntimeClass* GetRuntimeClass() const 
BOOL IsKindOf( const CRuntimeClass* pClass ) const 
BOOL IsSerializable() const 
void* PASCAL operator new( size_t, void* p ) 
void* PASCAL operator new( size_t nSize ) 
virtual void Serialize( CArchive& ar )

==== CCmdTarget ====

==== CWinThread ====

==== CWinApp ====

==== CWnd ====

==== CListCtrl ====
This class encapsulates the functionality of a list view control, which is a control that displays a collection of items, each consisting of an icon and a label.
Class CListCtrl in AFXCMN.H



class CListCtrl
extends CWnd 
Fields inherited from class CWnd 

m_hWnd, wndTop, wndBottom, wndTopMost, wndNoTopMost, m_hWndOwner, m_nFlags, m_pfnSuper, m_nMsgDragList, m_nModalResult, m_pDropTarget, m_pCtrlCont, m_pCtrlSite, messageMap 

Fields inherited from class CCmdTarget 

messageMap, commandMap, dispatchMap, connectionMap, interfaceMap, eventsinkMap, m_dwRef, m_pOuterUnknown, m_xInnerUnknown, m_xDispatch, m_bResultExpected, m_xConnPtContainer 

Fields inherited from class CObject 


==== CToolBar ====
This class encapsulates the functionality of a control bars that have a row of bitmapped buttons and/or separators. CToolBar objects are usually embedded members of frame-window objects derived from the class CFrameWnd or MDIFrameWnd.

==== CTreeCtrl ====

==== CException ====

==== CArray ====

==== CFile ====

==== CDC ====

==== CGdiObject ====

==== CFont ====

==== CHttpArgList ====

=== Subclassing ===
standard technique for customizing the behavior of a class

==== Window Subclassing ====

=== Window message route ===
The mechanism by which MFC routes messages is also called the Message Map system that was created to wrap the old C API and reduce the level of complexity for programmers.

==== Message map ====
The message map macros:

the ON_COMMAND and ON_BN_CLICKED are the same, MFC command and control macro is preset to handle the Windows message WM_COMMAND and the notification routing mechanism uses the command ID to decide where to route to. Notifications with control notification code of zero (BN_CLICKED) are interpreted as commands.ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI

== Component Object Model (COM) ==