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Linux uses a package called devkitPSP, which is GNU GCC based. This package houses everything needed for development on the PSP. It is a toolchain. The package includes libraries, headers, and tools for the PSP - some external libraries developed for the PSP are included.

== Installing ==
This is a modified copy of the tutorial found here.
devkitPSP is mainly Oopo's patches pulled into the devkitPro toolchain build system and a build of the pspsdk.
The first thing that you need to do is create a folder for the devkitPro toolchains. Start by opening a terminal and creating the build directory.

The first package to install is the devkitPSP tarball: i686(x32 bit) or x86_64(x64 bit).
Once the file is downloaded then you need to extract it into the devkitPro folder.

Add these variables in your execution environment, for instance, editing the .bashrc file located in your home folder: