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The activity Name changing (Deutsch: Wechselnde Namen) is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.

== Introduction ==
The introduction is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch
Let's get each other a bit better to know. We'll play a game where we can also move. I think this is a good thing to do now.

== Rules ==
The rules is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch
Walk freely in the space.
When you meet somebody introduce yourself: "Hi, my name is Paul." – "Hi, my name is Jane."
You change names which the person you just met. Paul is now Jane and Jane is Paul.
You continue walking.
The game ends when you get your own name back.

== Possible extensions ==
The sentence "Hi, my name is Paul" can be translated to any other language. E.g. in German „Hallo, mein Name ist Paul.“.