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I have a younger brother, this year he is 6 years old. We are good friend.
My younger brother likes to rear small animals. Although he is small, he had reared numerous animals. There are goldfishes, parrots, turtles, rabbits, chicks......
Once, he has reared a dozen of big snails. The small animals reared by my younger brother, can open a small zoo.
woo yoou 1'g dih'di, jinniarn 6 suih. woo'men shih haaoperngyoou.
dih'di heen xiihuan yaang xiaao dohngwuh, bier kahn ta xiaao, yaangguoh d dohngwuh kee bu shaao. yoou jinyur, yingwuu, wugui, tuh'zi, xiaaoji......
yoouyicih, ta hair yaang'le shirjii-zhi dah woniur. dih'di yaang d xiaao dohngwuh, nerng kai xiaao dohngwuhyuarn 'le.