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Pollutants in air have been classified as leading cause of cancer. Sources of pollutants include car exhausts, power stations, emissions from agriculture and industry and heating from people's homes. 223,000 deaths from lung cancer were caused by air pollution, more than half of the deaths were from China and other East Asian countries. Rapid industrialization has led to smoggy skies in cities such as Beijing.
kongqih wuraanwuh shih zhuuyaoh d zhih`air yuarnyin. wuraanwuh d lairyuarn baokuoh qihche feihqih, fadiahnzhahn, norngyeh her gongyeh d pairfahngwuh her jiatirng nuaanqih shehbeih. kongqih wuraan daaozhih 223,000'g rern sii yur feih`air, guohbahn siiwarng geh`ahn lairzih Zhongguor her qirta Dongyah guorjia. xuhnsuh gongyehhuah daaozhih yanwuhmirmahn d cherngshih rur Beeijing.