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== Description ==
Diagnosis and treatment of OMS patients is challenging even for the OMS specialists.   It seems that many patients just do not respond consistently to treatment and relapses pose an even bigger challenge.  This means that selection of your OMS specialist may be the biggest decision that is made.  

As awareness of OMS has increased, many more doctors are making proper diagnosis of OMS in a quick fashion.   However, doctors that have treated a number of OMS patients still is a very small number.   It is imperative that the caregiver understand that a doctor who can diagnose the disease does not mean that doctor is a specialist who should be making the decisions on treating the patient.  

Below is some information of some of the well regarded OMS specialists.   This list, while not complete, shows doctors who have treated many (more than ten cases) of OMS in their career.

== OMS Specialists - United States ==
Dr. Michael Pranzatelli - Orlando, Florida    OMSUSA@OMSUSA.ORG

Dr. Wendy Mitchell - Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Mark Gorman - Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Tim Lotze - Texas Children's Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Dr. Andrea Waanders - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Elizabeth Wells - Children's National Hospital (Washington, D.C.)

== OMS Specialists - Europe ==

=== Germany ===
Dr. Barbara Hero (Uniklinik Köln)
Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Wilken (Uniklinik Kassel)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein (Uniklinik München) (Care-for-Rare Foundation)

=== Other European ===