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Computers are very powerful tool. Today what ever we see wouldn't have been really possible without advent of the Computers. And today computers have been able to accomplish all these task because of their Graphic Capabilities. Computer graphics makes it easy for a user to interact with the computers. Graphical display finds application is almost all the fields of knowledge known to mankind like science, engineering, government, finance, art, entertainment, education, training, etc.
Computers are powerful tool that can be used for creating various visual objects, and with the combinations of those computers can produce fantastic objects that can depicts real world objects. Computer Graphics are mainly used for design process particularly for engineering and architectural systems, almost what ever we see today are actually designed with some aid of computers. Before we explain various concepts about Computer Graphics let us have a look at various applications of Computer Graphics.

== Applications of Computer Graphics ==
Applications of computer graphics

Entertainment (Movies, Games...)
Simulations ( Aeroplanes, Rockets...)
Education and training
CAD (Computer Aided Designs)
Virtual walk through
Image processing
Computer art
Graphical user interface
Presentation graphics
Visualization etc.
Home and school