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== Opinion leadership (alpha > 0.8) ==

=== Description ===
The authors conducted five studies to develop two scales: opinion leadership and opinion seeking. Hereby, data from more than 1,100 respondents were used. The authors strived for unidimensionality, reliability, construct validity, and criterion-related validity.

=== Definition ===
Opinion leadership occurs when individuals try to influence the purchasing behavior of other consumers in specific product fields.

=== Items ===
This short questionnaire is about popular rock music and rock music recordings [fashion; environmentally friendly products]. Please read each statement carefully. For each of the statements below, please circle the number that most closely matches your view of the opinions stated. The items are scaled from 1 to 7, with a higher number meaning stronger agreement.

My opinion on rock [fashion; environmentally friendly products] seems not to count with other people.
When they choose a rock music recording [fashionable clothing; "green" products], other people do not turn to me for advice.
Other people [rarely] come to me for advice about choosing CDs and tapes [fashionable clothing; products that are good for the environment].
People that I know pick rock music [clothing; "green" products] based on what I have told them.
I often persuade other people to buy the rock music [fashions; "green" products] that I like.
I often influence people's opinions about popular rock [clothing; environmentally correct products].Some items are reverse-coded.

=== Source ===
Flynn et al. (1996): Opinion Leaders and Opinion Seekers: Two New Measurement Scales. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 137-147.

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