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Development Mantras 
by Vrinda Dar and Stefano De Santis
Mantra 1.
Choose Development
Good governance fosters a healthy communication climate
A healthy communication climate generates trust;
Trust generates cooperation;
Cooperation generates opportunities;
And availing opportunities generates development;
This is the virtuous circle of empowering governance.
Mantra 2 
Capitalise Development
Empowered governance fosters healthy competition;
Healthy competition enables quality offer;
Quality offer meets global demand;
Meeting global demand generates wealth;
Wealth invested renews community capital;
This is the virtuous circle of solidarity and competition
Mantra 3  
Share Development
When solidarity and competition feed into each other;
The local and the global enable each other;
Governmental authority is at the service of the community;
And economic growth becomes a resource for preservation;
Then values and resources are transmitted to future generations;
This is the path of sustained development

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