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When using tutor applications, the computer or software possesses all of the information and controls the learning environment.  The computer presents the information to the students.  The students respond to the information or question and the computer analyzes the response and presents new information or more practice.  Tutor applications include drill and practice, tutorials and simulations.
Tutor Application Software
These types of software are designated as "courses in a box" and are found in many subject areas such as, math, music, software training, and even typing. Their application can be utilized in almost any category where learning is to be supplemented by a self study or self tutoring approach.
Entering the keywords tutoring software in any web browser will produce millions of sites that offer specific tutoring application software on almost any topic.
Just the effects of web-based tutoring software for mathematics can be explored further in a research project supported by the Wayang Outpost.

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