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This page illustrates the Ruby Code Examples, in a straight way than to lengthy explanations, this can be used like an immediate reference for both syntax and programming ideas. Concise methods attempting a problem with a pragmatic approach are also discussed.

== Basics ==

=== Simple I/O ===

=== Strings ===

String interpolation allows a variable to get replaced by its value while execution

%Q and %q are string literals that are with special properties

Multiline Strings are defined with '<<' prefix to a named delimiter, like 

Ruby is really flexible with strings

The string delimiter pairs are  '', "", but with %, %q and %Q prefix, we have //, {}, ##, as delimiters, the unofficial rule is to use the delimiter that is not used to declare the string itself, this is to declare raw strings to avoid delimiter collision

=== Objects ===
An Object is something that can be handled with defined Methods, even for the physical objects arround us there are defined methods in using them, whenever we say 'object' it is to mean that it has some methods through which the object can be handled

Ruby is object oriented, everything is an object including numbers, strings and even the nil

=== Enumerators, Ranges, Arrays and Hashes ===
Each of these can use the each method for iteration, though they seems to be synonyms, there is lot of difference in computing, The Enumerators and Ranges are almost of fixed memory length and so are memory efficient and fast, whereas Arrays and Hashes involves complex data structures for to be dynamic 

==== Enumerators ====

==== Ranges ====

==== Arrays ====
An array is a collection of elements, by default an array of n elements has its index enumerated from 0 to n-1, i.e, the index to the first element of an array is 0

array of arrays, array of ranges and arrays of mixed datatypes are allowed to declare, Object Oriented!

==== Hashes ====
Hash is an associative array which is a collections of Keys and it's associated Values

=== Iterators and Blocks ===

==== Iterators ====

==== Blocks ====

Ruby 1.9.2 Version is used for the examples on Win Intel x86 / Linux AMD64 Platforms