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== 1st meeting - 10th March 2005 ==
10th March 2005 18:00 GMT

=== Agenda ===
Promoting the MMM
Print (Below The Line? Dazed? DV? Filmmaker? Movie Maker? Showreel Magazine ? Res?
Press release
Web (SP?, UK screen? ,New Producers Alliance?, Talent Circle?, scriptfactory? Netribution?)
Press release
Email (BBC newsletters? Film Society news letters? BBC Film Network? BECTU PACT NPA Equity Panaco NFT NFTS LFS)
Press release
Post card
Events (Short film nights, seminars, workshops etc) Use existing events to promote the wiki.
Let people suggest changes to the wiki and make live updates on a big screen.
short ads to be shown at screenings animated sequence - call out on SP bulletin
Ask the presenter to mention the MMM
Training events: master classes, apple events,
Get manufacturers to include snapshot sections in products and online (Apple etc)
MMM 15 second advert competition not yet
Posting forum answers which link to the MMM (e.g. "See this MMM page for info on x")
Potential MMM givers - ask for money, ask for employees contribute to experience to MMM
Training organisations (Raindance, Skillset)
Rental Houses (VMI)
Equipment manufacturers (Sony, Apple, Adobe, Avid, DreamTech, Digidesign, Panasonic, Canon)
Networks (Shooting People, UK screen)
Post Production (Pixar, ILM, Framestore)
Government (Skillset, CNC)
What to do with money?
post all accounts on MMM
1/3 of income goes to Wikimedia Foundation
Print promotions
Google ads
Worldwide Party
Printing snapshot books
MMM structure
Icons for text boxes
Examples in films, in scripts etc (eg, tracking shots- with DVD chapter)
Icons for section
associated wikibooks - create a header to link film related wikibooks
film history
film theory
MMM Front Page
Like the CookBook? no
A regular updated page like a newsletter (with highlighted articles, summaries, condensed toc etc)? no
making MMM international (finding dedicated editors abroad)
International promotions - pushing for mass
Illustrations, graphics, video and audio yes
(slightly off topic: can we edit video in a "wiki" way?  e.g. make access to the original videos free and then upload the most recent EDL... maybe we can have "wiki video tutorials" - tutorials on movie making, shot on video and edited in a wiki fashion)
MMM Logo done