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== Prolog Compilers ==
Visual Prolog is a successor of the Turbo Prolog compiler created in 1980s that was the first Prolog compiler. Since that time the Prolog Development Center has been developing and improving its compiler. Currently Visual Prolog compiler is a powerful and efficient compiler that can create object files for creating standalone executables or DLLs, resolve cross references among declarations, validate predicate mode, perform powerful type checking, validate facts initialization in constructors, perform predicate resolution. Download Visual Prolog.
Strawberry Prolog is used mainly in education. This compiler is very close to ISO-Prolog syntax but it has many extensions which are not part from the standard. For example, in Strawberry Prolog you can find global variables, arrays, objects and many predicates which are specific only for this compiler. The main idea of Strawberry Prolog is to be very easy for use. That is why it includes Development environment, visual debugger and free Light edition. Download Strawberry Prolog.

== Prolog Tutorials ==
When learning Prolog, it's always a good idea to use more than one text. Viewing a subject from more than one perspective can help to clarify it. These are only some of the free Prolog tutorials out there.

Learn Prolog Now! A full introduction to Prolog, including DCG's.
James Power's Prolog Tutorial (with edits from Alex Monaghan)
Visual Prolog Tutorials
Strawberry Prolog Help, online help
Strawberry Prolog Tutorial by Dimitar GelevDownloadables

Prolog A Tutorial Introduction by James Lu and Jerud J. Mead PDF
Prolog And Natural Language Analysis (©) PDF
An Introduction to Logic Programming through Prolog (©) PS\PDF
Prolog Programming Contests PS/HTML − Advanced exercises.

== Other texts on Prolog ==
Prolog Programming for AI by Professor Ivan Bratko
comp.lang.prolog FAQs

== Links2links ==
Prolog at Curlie
PCAI's Prolog Programming Links