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== Numbers ==
Loglan has a set of numbers composed of 10 little words which represent a single digit each:

0 - ni
1 - ne
2 - to
3 - te
4 - fo
5 - fe
6 - so
7 - se
8 - vo
9 - veAll odd numbers end in e and all even numbers end in o. You can form larger numbers though combining words in the same way we combine digits. 

=== Examples ===
10 - neni
123 - netote

== Sequences ==
You can add fi on to the end of a number to describe a sequence such as first, second, third.

=== Examples ===
Nefi - first
tofi - second
tefi - third

== Letters ==
Loglan has away to refer to each letter. You might want to do this when using letters as variables. You just need to add an ending to the letter depending on weather you use a Latin of Greek letter, vowel or consonant. NB Loglan does not use the letter c or w for Greek letters as Greek has no corresponding sounds (c = sh and w = eu in Loglan).

-ei for lower case Latin consonant letters
-si for lower case Latin vowel letters
-ai for upper case Latin consonant letters
-ma for upper case Latin vowel letters-eo for lower case Greek consonant letters
gao- for upper case Greek consonant letters
-fi for lower case vowel letters
gao,- for upper case Greek vowel letters

=== Examples ===
A - Ama
a - asi
B - Bai
b - beiAlpha - gao,afi
alpha - afi
Beta - gaobeo
beta - beo