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== Table of Contents ==
Login Page
Initial Password Change
Main Page

== Get started ==

=== Login Page ===
After successfully installing OpenClinica it is possible to access OpenClinica through a web browser. Type


and the browser will direct the user to the OpenClinica login page.

Do not forget that Tomcat is case-sensitive, so localhost:8080/openclinica will not work, neither will localhost:8080/OPENCLINICA, etc.

=== Username/Password ===
The default user credential for OpenClinica is 

username: root
password: 12345678

Fill in the username and password fields and press login.

=== Initial Password Change ===

If the login has been successful you will be asked to change the default password. Type in the new one and proceed with Change Password.

=== Main Page ===
This indicates that the OpenClinica main page and the OpenClinica installation function.