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=== Algorithms ===
The STL also provides several useful algorithms, in the form of template functions, that are provided to, with the help of the iterator concept, manipulate the STL containers (or derivations).
The STL algorithms aren't restricted to STL containers, for instance:

The _if suffix
The _copy suffixNon-modifying algorithms
Modifying algorithms
Removing algorithms
Mutating algorithms
Sorting algorithms
Sorted range algorithms
Numeric algorithms

==== Permutations ====

==== Sorting and related operations ====

===== sort =====

===== stable_sort =====

===== partial_sort =====

===== Minimum and maximum =====
The standard library provides function templates min and max, which return the minimum and maximum of their two arguments respectively. Each has an overload available that allows you to customize the way the values are compared.

An example of how to use the Compare type parameter :