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Mandarin Chinese | Lesson Two
This lesson you will learn:

Some pinyin

== Lesson ==
Pinyin is a system for writing Chinese pronunciations with the English alphabet
Initials- d t n l -are pronounced as in English
-i is pronounced bee
-a is pronounced father
-uo is pronounced woah. It becomes "wo" when it has no initial
-ü is pronounced as in German.  For those not familiar with the sound, pronounce be with rounded lips.  It loses the umlaut/two dots after j, q and x.  It becomes "yu" when it has no initial
Chinese is a tonal language and has 4 tones: flat, rising, falling, and change.  Change is pronounced with your voice going down and back up.  The four tones look as such, with "a" as an example
flat ā
rising á
falling à
change ǎMandarin Chinese | Lesson Two