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== Practice ==

Use the web site: http://www.scsite.com/ex2007/learn to practice the vocabulary words.  
Play the following games for chapters 1, 2, and 3:

flash cards
Who Wants to be a computer Genius?
Wheel of TermsThe Crossword Puzzle for each chapter is extra credit if you can get the whole puzzle filled in.

=== PROJECT 1 ===
Use the web site: http://lmigateway.coworkforce.com/lmigateway/analyzer/searchAnalyzer.asp?cat=OCC&session=OCCPROJ&subsession=99&time=&geo=&currsubsessavail=&incsource=&blnStart=True to create a spreadsheet that analyzes 

Pick 5 -10 occupations (hold down the CTRL key to pick occupations not next to one another in the list).Create a spreadsheet for the employment and openings data for:
Employment 2008
Employment 2018
Use a formula to compute change in employment from 2008 to 2018
Openings due to growth
Openings due to replacement
Use the AutoSum function to create total openings
Create a bar or column graph for openings due to growth and replacement for the occupations you have chosen.

=== PROJECT 2 ===
Pick 5 stocks from the web site: http://www.nasdaq.com/ 

Create a spreadsheet for the following:
List the stock's name
List the stock's symbol
Choose how many stocks you wish to buy (200 - 1000 of each)
Give the date from around 4 years ago that you would have purchased these (pick a date from the history)
List how much it cost then as the initial cost
Compute the initial cost
Give the current cost of the stock
Compute the current value of the stock
Compute the gain or loss
Find the percent gain or loss by taking the gain/loss and dividing by the initial cost.
Use conditional formatting to change the color on any percent gain/loss that is negative.
Add a row at the bottom for totals
Add a row at the bottom for average
add a row at the bottom for highest
add a row at the bottom for lowest
Create a Pie Chart for current value of your stocks
do NOT have a legend
Have a title
Use data labels on the wedges for catagories
Use data lables on the wedges for percents

== EXAM ==


Excel Basics Test

=== PROJECT 1 ===

==== College Admission Requirements Instructions ====
Visit http://www.collegeincolorado.org
Log in
Go to the PLAN tab
Click on the link for Higher Education Opportunities and Admission Requirements
Click on High School Coursework Planner
Click on High School Planner Subjects
Click on Add Higher Education Institution (add at least four colleges or universities)
Click on Summary
Create a Spreadsheet of the data for Required and Recommended courses
Format the spread sheet professionally, not necessarily how it is shown here
Fill in the Total Row
Fill in the Average Row
Fill in the Total Column
Create a Column Chart for the Schools Required and Recommended courses
1 column chart
Place the Column Chart on the same sheet as the table of data
Create a Pie Chart for each school showing Required Courses
4 pie charts
Do not include column A
Make sure Row 3 has no merged cells
Think about what the pie wedges represent and the value they have.
Place the Pie Charts all on one sheet and separate from the table of data - NOT A NEW SHEET

==== College Admission Requirements Rubric ====

=== PROJECT 2 ===

==== Create a Projected Profit Spreadsheet - Instructions ====
The FBLA is going to purchase a screen printing machine to start a business of creating shirts for the various teams and clubs of the school.  They will need to find an organization to put up the initial cost of $8000 for the machine.  They proposal will be to pay back this organization the full amount by making payments of 50% of the profit on each batch/sale.  Analyze the data to figure out about how long it will take to pay back the loan.  
Create the following Table:

Italic text
Fill in the estimated number of shirts each group would sold for year 1.
Compute the number of shirts sold for year 2 = prior year *(1+sales growth)
Compute the rest of the years sales with the same basic formula
You might have to have more than 5 years to pay this off
Make sure you look at your absolute and relative references on your formulas
Find the total shirts sold for each year
Compute the Total Profit = total shirts sold * Markup per shirt
Make sure you look at your absolute and relative references on your formulas
Compute Amount Paid back to Donator = 50% of Profit
Make sure you look at your absolute and relative references on your formulas
Compute Running Total Paid Back = Running Total Paid Back previous year plus Amount Paid Back this year
You will need to think on your own
Logically how much do you have paid back the first year?
Logically how can you find out how much is paid back the first two year?
What can your formula be so you can use the fill handle?
Make sure you look at your absolute and relative references on your formulas
Compute Total left on Loan = Original cost of the Equipment - Running Total Paid Back
Make sure you look at your absolute and relative references on your formulas
Create a Conditional Formatting on the Left on Loan to change the color of font and fill color when the value goes negative.
Print the spreadsheet on one page
Print the Formula View to one page
Adjust the Assumptions to figure out how the loan could be paid off in one less year.
You may not change that the equipment costs $8,000.00
Print the spreadsheet on one page

==== Create a Projected Profit Spreadsheet - Rubric ====