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Appendiceal Carcinoid

For other carcinoid tumors, see Carcinoids

== Staging ==
Was added as a separate classification starting with the 7th edition of the AJCC Staging Manual. Carcinoids were not previously classified by the AJCC. 
There is a separate staging system for carcinomas arising within the appendix. Carcinoid tumors arising in other segments of the gastrointestinal tract are staged separately.
AJCC 7th Edition (2009)Primary Tumor

T1 - 2 cm or less
T1a - 1 cm or less
T1b - >1 cm and 2cm or less
T2 - >2 cm and 4 cm or less, or with extension to the cecum
T3 - >4 cm, or with extension to the ileum
T4 - directly invades other adjacent organs or structures (e.g., abdominal wall, skeletal muscle; penetration of the mesoappendix is not included)Regional Lymph Nodes

N0 - none
N1 - yesDistant Metastasis

M0 - none
M1 - yesStage Grouping

I - T1 N0
II - T2-3 N0
III - T4 or N1
IV - M1