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== Step 3. Animating Patients and Resources ==
Now we will draw animations to depict patients, doctors and scopes in our model.
 Draw a shape depicting a patient

Zoom the diagram in, say to 400% scale.
Drag the diagram a little bit down and to the right with the right mouse button pressed.
Draw patient shape like shown in the following figure:
You can draw it using any AnyLogic presentation shape, or with an image. We will draw it using a curve. To draw a curve, drag the Curve  element from the Presentation page of the Palette view onto the diagram. Then double-click the drawn curve to switch to editing curve points mode. In this mode you can add new points by double-clicking on the curve and move points by dragging them.
Name the shape shapePatient. The name is important since we will refer to patient animations by shape name.Now we will draw shapes to depict doctors and ophthalmoscopes in the same way as we did for patients.
 Draw shapes to depict doctors and ophthalmoscopes

Draw a shape depicting a doctor using the Polyline  drawing tool. Name it shapeDoctor.
Draw a shape depicting an opthalmoscope using the Polyline  drawing tool. Name it shapeScope.
When finished, zoom the diagram out to the default scale by pressing the Zoom to 100%  toolbar button.We have finished drawing the model presentation. Now we will configure the model network and define the process itself using a flowchart.