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Call sheets give the broad and essential details of a day's shooting.  Typically, you would send a call sheet out to every member of the cast and crew as early as possible.  During production, this usually means the night before!

== What a Call Sheet contains ==
Project title
Day out of days (e.g. "day 3 of a 5 day shoot")
Location(s) for the day
Parking details
Contact details for (at least) the principal members of the crew (e.g. Producer, Production Manager, 1st AD, Location Manager)
Recommended clothing (e.g. "wear black" or "wear full waterproofing")
Scenes to be shot for the day
Broad schedule (the call sheet doesn't usually include the shot-by-shot schedule)
Call times
Makeup and wardrobe times
Estimated wrap time
Weather forecast
Details of the local hospital
Details of the local police
Equipment details
Hire company details