[<< wikibooks] Business Intelligence/Frame Testing acceptance
Purpose: to determine if users accept the frame
Input: BI Frame
Activities: Decision makers test and accept prototype
Outputs: Completed BI System
Documentation: User acceptance of BI Frame
The final stage of building a BI frame is to gain stakeholder acceptance.  This includes individuals from all parts of the business, from the IT department to the business unit.  It also requires each aspect of the BI Frame architecture and infrastructure withstand scrutiny.  It also requires discussion of how to maintain and update the frame.
A frame is never complete.  It is always possible to improve or update a frame.  Changes in the organization or environment may require strategy changes and this requires updating the architecture.  Technology that can enhance the infrastructure and improve the ability of decision makers to monitor the business and make strategic changes should be implement.  For this reason the initial frame acceptance does not signal the end of building the BI system but rather the beginning.
The frame consists of the architecture, infrastructure and documentation.  Once the frame is submitted to the users the completion of the project comes when they accept the production BI frame.  The frame must also meet the policies and rules of the IT department.

Decision makers
Data mart administrator
Data warehouse administrator