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== Classroom Management: Additional Resources ==
Written by Angela Dart
A teacher walking into their very first classroom with engaging lesson plans, educational posters on the wall, and a strong sense of confidence that they will do well in their first school year. However, as soon as 30 students enter the classroom talking, laughing, screaming, fighting and crying through the door, all confidence is lost. Years of studying instructional strategies, assessment, and child development are suddenly gone and the once confident teacher is now a nervous one. Classroom management is considered one of the toughest aspects of teaching because it deals with a variety of issues, such as instructional strategies, classroom organization, assessment, behavioral management and parents. While only true experience can make an educator an expert in classroom management, there are many additional resources for pre-service and new teachers, as well as veteran teachers.
TeacherVision: Classroom Management- TeacherVision is an extremely informative and beneficial websites for new and experienced teachers. For a monthly fee, teachers can utilize 20,000 pages of lesson plans, printables and resources. This sections covers classroom management, including instructional strategies, assessment, classroom organization, behavior management, and working with parents. Visitors can view and print up to 3 lesson plans, printables and resources, and have a free 7-day trial. http://www.teachervision.fen.com/classroom-management/resource/5776.html?detoured=1
Classroom Management: Principals Help Teachers Develop Essential Skills- Many new teachers become very discouraged during their first year of teaching because they do not have a strong foundation in classroom management. However, this article addresses how a principal can be beneficial and appreciated during teachers’ first school year. This article, found on Education World.com and written by Gary Hopkins, is strongly recommended for novice teachers. http://www.educationworld.com/a_admin/admin/admin299.shtml
RubiStar- One of the most popular 4Teacher tools, RubiStar allows both teachers and student to create a large variety of rubrics for any subject and assignment. Teachers can create their own rubric or use a template as a starting point. After completion, teacher can post their rubrics to be viewed by other classrooms or save and print for their own personal use. RubiStar is not only extremely user-friendly for all people in a classroom but is also free of charge to use. http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php
Behavior Management Tips- One of the most difficult, yet important aspects of classroom management is behavior management. Some teachers fear that they may be too lenient while other may fear being too harsh. A feature article on Teacher.NET by Jan Zeiger addresses these concerns by giving tips on behavior management. This article is valuable for any teacher, regardless of their experience. http://teachers.net/gazette/FEB02/zeiger.html
Classroom Architect- Powered by 4Teachers, this free online tool allows teachers to create a classroom layout for a positive learning environment. After selecting the room’s dimensions, and dragging objects across the room to represent furniture, teachers can save or print their layout without spending hours before or after school rearranging furniture. http://classroom.4teachers.org/
Dealing with Difficult Parents- Dealing with difficult students can be a very awkward and challenging issue. Dealing with difficult parents can be an even more problematic and daunting experience. However, there are ways of managing intimidating parents at conferences. Mike Moore gives several tips on how teachers can be assertive in the classroom. http://www.inspiringteachers.com/classroom_resources/tips/parent_communication/dealing_with_difficult_parents.html 
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