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= Introduction =
This wikibook should try to accomplish two goals: it should provide an overview of the history of cinema in general (two versions: one brief and one comprehensive), and it should be a set of sub-projects covering individual topics in great depth.  There are links for a few basic topics, each of which I would expect to see come up periodically at most universities either as a film course or as a large section of a film course (e.g., you don't often see German Expressionism as a course itself, but it will always show up as a section of any course surveying film as a whole, or prewar European cinema, etc.).
There shouldn't be any limits as to what sort of topic a module should try to cover (it could be as small a subject as Italian Futurism), but if the number of modules becomes unwieldy, it might be prudent to group some together into a single link that would just be a landing page for a collection of modules (e.g., "Modules on individual directors").
Additionally, each module should contain a list of films within the topic (or in the comprehensive modules, films mentioned as being particularly significant in the development of cinema) that are available on DVD, possibly grouped into two or more categories: particularly those that are necessary for fully understanding the topic, and those that merely contribute to understanding the topic.