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I Miss Them

=== Introduction ===
In this lesson, JP and Liliana teach us how to ask what's wrong, how to express homesickness, how to give an advice, and how to approve of an idea. Well, not all possibilities but enough to get us started. The keyword is extraño – I miss.

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=== Audio Lesson ===

=== Dialogue ===

=== Dialogue with Translation ===

=== Vocabulary for Dialogue ===

=== Vocabulary for Audio Lesson ===


=== More Vocabulary ===
This section includes grammatically related words. Some of them are required by the exercise Dialogue Recast. 

=== Exercises ===

==== Dialogue Translation ====
Translate from Spanish to English. Click each bar to check your answer. If possible, read the Spanish sentences aloud.

==== Dialogue Recall ====
Now translate from English to Spanish. Remember to say the Spanish sentences aloud.

==== Dialogue Remix ====
Translate this variant of the dialogue from English to Spanish.

==== Dialogue Recast ====
This translation exercise requires some of the words from the More Vocabulary section.