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== How to Get Started Developing in Object Pascal using Delphi or Lazarus ==
All you need for programming in Object Pascal is an IDE for the Object Pascal programming Language. The number one commercial choice for Pascal development is Delphi. 
To get a demo of or to buying Delphi, see http://www.embarcadero.com. If you prefer a free open-source IDE, see Lazarus at http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org. Choose one of those links and download and then install the IDE. 
You should know that there are some differences between Delphi and Lazarus:

Delphi provides two frameworks, the VCL and Firemonkey, for developing applications.
Lazarus provides a very similar, but not compatible framework called LCL for developingapplications.

There is a wide variety of third-party and open-source components, a much larger set of components, and tools, and add-ons that work with Delphi, as you might expect for a large commercial application.
Lazarus has a smaller, but active community that you can find online.
Delphi has a larger community around it than Lazarus, which you can also find online. There are many blogs, forums, and user groups.
There are also many similarities:

Delphi and Lazarus both support the Object Pascal language with Objects, for object-oriented programming.