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This topic is discussed briefly in Overview: writing with word processors and structured editors and in more detail in Writing directly in SGML/XML.
The following extends that discussion by focusing on tools to help students to write directly in XML.
XML Tools
To author and view documents written in XML, different kinds of tools are required. They are:

There are quite a large number of XML editors, for different platforms are
available. Most of them costs less than $100. A lot of them have free
evaluation version that can be downloaded. the following list gives link to
some such editors.

XML Spy http://www.xmlspy.com
XMLWriter http://www.megginson.com/Software/
XED http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~ht/xed.html
Xeena http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/xeena
Morphon XML Editor http://www.morphon.com/
Emile for MAC http://www.in-progress.com/emile/
Free/OpenSource version of the Serna XML editor https://github.com/ydirson/serna-freeParser/Validator
When a XML document is created, it is parsed/validated to see if it is syntactically correct and well formed. To accomplish this task, we need a XML parser/validator. There are a lot of XML parser available. Most of the XML editors mentioned above is also a XML parser. For example, XML Spy provides a IDE for XML, i.e. it is both editor and parser.
To view a XML documents, we need a browser that supports XML. Many browsers now support XML, such as:

Internet explorer 5 and newer http://www.microsoft.com
Mozilla Firefox 0.9 and newer http://www.mozilla.org/
Netscape 5 and newer http://browser.netscape.com/
DocZilla http://www.doczilla.com/
HyBrick is an SGML/XML browser from Fujitsu.Most newer browsers support XML in a way that lets it fully integrated with HTML. A stylesheet is required to view the XML documents. For ETD a cascading stylesheet has been developed for that. That stylesheet can be downloaded from http://www.etdguide.org/.

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