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6.2 Geometry graph The geometry graph only list the objects, including lights in the workspace. Here you can lock, hide, duplicate and rename objects. The graph becomes more important as the number of objects in your scene increases.
The geometry graph window contains a vertical listing of all the objects currently in the geometry window. (If there are no objects at all, this window will be empty.) Adjacent and to the right of each object listed are three icons. One for object selection, one for object visibility, and one for wireframe mode. Left clicking the icon toggles its status. Right clicking the icon toggles the status of all other icons.
Considering the convienience and usefulness of this particular window, it is recommended by most users that you keep it open and to the left or right of the geometry window workspace. This way you have a fast alternate method to select, see whats selected, or hide things without having to go through many actions or menus.