[<< wikibooks] Kdenlive/Kdenlive builder classic script
=== Download ===
The code is currently downloadable only from forum [[1]]. Simply copy code via clipboard to a new file and save it under suggested name kdenlive_builder.sh.

=== Usage ===

==== First run ====
Check DEST_DIR settings in the code. It is set to ~/build/kdenlive_0_6svn by default, change it if you prefer a different target directory.

./kdenlive_builder getsources
./kdenlive_builder build

If the build was successful simply run kdenlive from ~/build/kdenlive_0_6svn/bin directory.
You don't need a root privileges at any part of the process.

==== Next runs ====
./kdenlive_builder updatesources
./kdenlive_builder clean
./kdenlive_builder build

==== Full help ====
kdenlive_builder getsources - call svn to get sources for all subprojects for the first time
kdenlive_builder updatesources - call svn to update sources for all subprojects
kdenlive_builder clean - clean subdirs. Recommended to call prior to build
kdenlive_builder build - build and instal all sources to user defined directory
kdenlive_builder info - print revision numbers and dates for each component

=== Why classic version? ===
This is branch of kdenlive_builder script the original one; classic if you want. No GUI, not interactive, just a hardcore CLI script. Use classic version if:

the GUI version does not work for you
you prefer a true batch process
you want call script repeatively
you are not afraid of touching the bash script codeThe GUI version is generally preferred over the classic version, it is more user friendly, nicer, interactive. The GUI version is suggested especially for less experienced hackers or newcomers.

=== Maintainers ===
This branch is (semi)maintained by Espinosa (me) and it i released mostly on "works-for-me" basis. The GUI variant of kdenlive_builder script is maintained by another community members. This script is not maintained by any of core Kdenlive developers this is generally a wider community effort. 

=== Technical details ===
Classic keeps LD_RUN_PATH approach to 'link' SVN ffmpeg and mlt libraries to kdenlive, to keep potentially several versions of ffmpeg and mlt in one system in very general and safe way. However there were reports in the forum which may indicate that this approach is not accessible (blocked?) in some Linux distributions.
The benefit of this approach is you don't need any LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting or any wrapper script, just simply run the kdenlive binary from the target directory!

=== Releases ===
The latest version is 3.1 released 12.4.2008

adapt script to several changes in kdenlive, ffmpeg and mlt builds; particulary:
adapt to ffmpeg headers structure, add ffmpeg_headers_hack1, ffmpeg_headers_hack2
set PKG_CONFIG_PATH (needed to build MLT libavformat module)
changes in LD_RUN_PATH (really needed?)
ffmpeg configure options names changes, namely: disable-stripping, enable-postproc, enable-swscale