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In this book you will learn the history of the modern state of Israel and the people who live in it. The aim of this book is to be easy to read, informative, and unbiased. It uses plenty of primary sources to give you a sense of what people thought at the time. If you have something to add to this book, or you'd like to correct an error, just click "edit this page" and fix it yourself!

== Table of Contents ==
 The Zionist Movement
 Palestine under the Mandate
 From World War II to Partition
 From Partition to Independence
 War, Ceasefire and Refugees
 Challenges for a New State
 Six-Day War, Yom Kippur War, Settlements
 Peace and Likud Rule
 1980s: First Lebanon War and Infitada
 1990-2005: Oslo, Netanyahu, Sharon
 Israel Today

== Authors ==
Daniel Shalom is the pseudonym for a Jewish man living in the United States.
Joanna Kristall works for Yeshiva University.

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