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== Overview ==
Renervate is a general revival spell, used when trying to resuscitate someone who has been left unconscious by magical means. In some editions of the books, it is mistakenly spelled "rennervate".

== Extended Description ==

We see this spell used once: Harry uses it to attempt to revive Professor Dumbledore after Dumbledore has succumbed to the potion guarding the locket in the lake. Harry has limited success.
This may seem to be a special version of Enervate, the charm that counters the effect of a Stun spell, as it seems to be used for more general resuscitation. As mentioned in the article on that spell, however, "enervate" is in direct opposition to the action of that spell, so the author apparently chose to rename the spell in the course of writing the books. We further note that in some early editions of the later books it was misspelled "rennervate", a misspelling that was corrected in later editions.

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