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1. Does the pulse pass down arteries or veins?

The pulse passes down arteries.2. Give 2 other differences between arteries and veins.
Arteries have thicker walls than veins. Veins have valves to prevent backflow of blood.
3. What is systole?

Systole is the period when the ventricles are contracting and sending a wave of high-pressure blood (the pulse) along the aorta and arteries of the body.
4. Circle the correct answer below.
Blood flows by this route through the blood vessels of the body.

b) heart | arteries | capillaries | veins | heart11. Name the vessel that carries blood:

from the heart to the main organs of the body:aorta
from the aorta to the brain: carotid artery
from the aorta to the kidneys: renal artery
from the intestines to the liver: hepatic portal vessel
from the aorta to the heart muscle: coronary artery