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If you've thought about the geography of your planet, you'll eventually need a ConMap to organize the information. This section deals with how to make good, realistic, and eye-pleasing maps.

== Table of Contents ==
Getting Ready
The Basic Outline
Thematic Maps
Finishing Touches
Examples of Conworld Maps

== Computerized mapping ==
Mapping software tools provide a wide array of options for creating maps at many different levels as well as rendered scenes of landscapes based on those maps.

=== Free software ===
TerraJ by Martin Smith, an open source Java cross-platform solar system generator combining Fractal Planet, StarGen, and Planet Generator
GeoMorph relief editor
G.Projector by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, a free cross-platform Java application that can reproject a map from a cylindrical projection to a Mercator projection, for example
AutoRealm is an open source mapping utility for creating maps of castles, dungeons, and cities

=== Commercial software ===
L3DT by Bundysoft, a comprehensive commercial terrain modeling solution.
Fractal Mapper by Nbos Software, targeted at maps more similar to human-drawn maps
AstroSynthesis by Nbos Software, a star-mapping tool that maps the positions of groups of nearby stars in 3D
Daylon Leveller by Daylon Graphics, a terrain sculpting application for Windows
Terragen by Planetside Software, a terrain generator and rendering application

=== Unknown status ===
Wilbur by Joe Slayton, a free digital terrain sculpting application for Windows
The Galaxy galaxy generator by Dmytry Lavrov

== External links ==
map tools wiki
Terrain building tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 from ME-DEM, the Middle Earth Digital Elevation Model project