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= Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Applied Science =

== Overview ==
The British exam board Edexcel offers BTEC Nationals in Applied Science. There is as yet no textbook published. This is an attempt to rectify the matter.
Please contribute any material you want. This is a multi-author, open project; but you can contact Ewen if there is anything you would like to add but you are not sure how to do it, or if you have any suggestions.

== Contents ==
Course Structure and Assessment 
Forum (How to Use)
Assignment template

=== Units ===
01 Fundamentals of Science 
02 Working in the Science Industry
03 Scientific Investigation
04 Scientific Practical Techniques
05 Perceptions of Science
06 Mathematical Tools for Science
07 Mathematics for Science Technicians
08 Statistics for Science
09 Informatics for Science
10 Using Science in the Workplace
11 Physiology of Human Body Systems
12 Physiology of Human Regulation and Reproduction
13 Biochemical Techniques
14 Energy Changes, Sources and Applications
15 Microbiological Techniques
16 Chemistry for Biology Technicians
17 Electrical Circuits and their Industrial Applications
18 Genetics and Genetic Engineering
19 Practical Chemical Analysis19.1 Measuring sulphate concentration.
19.2 Measuring copper content of brass.
19.3 Measuring manganese content of steel.
19.4 Measuring calcium concentration by titration.
19.5 Measuring iron concentration by colorimetry.
19.6 Case studies
19.6.1 Morriston Hospital, Swansea
19.6.2 Anchem Laboratories, Neath20 Medical Physics Techniques
21 Biomedical Science Techniques
22 Chemical Laboratory Techniques22.1 Qualitative analysis of inorganic substances.
Qualitative analysis of organic substances.
22.3 Measuring the iron content of iron tablets.
22.4 Extracting plasticisers from PVC.
22.5 Extracting caffeine from tea.
22.6 Synthesis of ethanal by oxidation.
22.7 Synthesis of benzoic acid by oxidation.
22.8 Synthesis of aspirin by esterification.
22.9 Synthesis of ethyl ethanoate by esterification.
22.10Preparation of Kastle-Meyer test reagent.
22.11 Extraction and presumptive testing of cocaine.
22.12 Synthesis and analysis of iron (II) ethanedioate.23 Science for Environmental Technicians
24 Principles of Plant and Soil Science
25 Electronics for Science Technicians
26 Industrial Applications of Chemical Reactions
27 Chemical Periodicity and its Applications
28 Industrial Applications of Organic Chemistry
29 Physiological Investigations
30 Medical Instrumentation
31 Criminology
32 Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis
33 Forensic Photography
34 Criminal Psychology
35 Forensic Psychology
36 Forensic Fire Investigation
37 Forensic Science Informatics
38 Traffic Accident Investigation
39 Criminal Investigation Procedures
40 Criminal Investigation Practice
41 Forensic Media and Crime
42 Geology of Natural Resources
44 Astronomy
45 Basic Polymer Technology
46 Plastics Materials
47 Plastics Processing
48 Polymer Process Engineering
49 Rubber Products and Specialist Elastomers
50 Rubber Technology
51 Mechanical and Thermal Treatment of Metals
52 Structure and Properties of Metals
53 Extraction and Refining of Metals

== Resources ==
Definitive details from the Edexcel website.
See also: Developments in BTEC Nationals.
Basic analytical Toxicology - WHO online text.
Court TV resource
Designed for the A-level course but still useful.
Tutor support materials - exemplar material for units 1, 4, 5, 29, 32 and 35. See p14 (and 15-19) for an assignment sheet that can be adapted.
NSS Briefing 2007-08 - the final page is the cover sheet for units.