[<< wikibooks] Statistical Analysis: an Introduction using R
This book aims to introduce the principles of statistics and modern statistical analysis for a non-mathematical audience, using the free statistical package R.
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== Contents ==
 Cover page / Foreword  
Introduction: Statistics is common sense 
 Chapter 0: A basic introduction to the R software package Chapter 1: Assumptions and models  
Chapter 2: Datasets and types of data 
Chapter 3: Statistical models 
Chapter 4: Model formulation and EDA 
Chapter 5: Probability and likelihood 
Chapter 6: The error process Including hypothesis testingChapter 7: Models for discrete data 
Chapter 8: Models for continuous data 
Chapter 9: Univariate models 
: to be continuedAppendix A: R topics in text  These can be used on their own as a basic introduction to R Appendix B: Further references 
 Appendix C: Resources for contributors 
 Appendix D: Freely available datasets used in the book 

== Authors ==