[<< wikibooks] Islamic Studies Grade 1/Lesson1.1
Cleanliness is part of my faith. I’m clean because I’m a Muslim.I wash my hands before and after eating and also after using the bathroom.I do my best to keep my clothes clean and neat.I clip my nails once a week and keep them clean at all times.I often change and wash my socks.I clean my room.  I help in cleaning up my home.  I keep my school clean.I use nice and clean words in my talk.  Nasty words make me and my friends feel bad.I take a bath at least twice a week.  I make sure that my mouth or body never smells bad.I have my own towel, comb, and toothbrush.  I never share these with anybody.I brush or floss my teeth after each meal.I usually have a pack of tissue on me.  I use it when I sneeze or want to clean my nose.My teacher has taught me that as a Muslim, I should be clean in my body, clothing and spirit.  Cleanliness in body and clothing is to stay away from dirt.  Cleanliness in spirit is to avoid sin.