[<< wikibooks] World War II
This is a guide to World War II. It goes through the main theaters and events of the war.

== Contents ==

=== European Theater ===

==== The Beginning ====
Treaty of Versailles

==== The Powers ====
Mussolini and Fascist Italy
Hitler and the German Third Reich 
Stalin and the Soviet Union 
Chamberlain, Churchill, and the British Empire 
Rest of Europe 
Roosevelt and the United States of America

==== The War in Europe ====
Battle of Poland
Fall of Denmark and Norway 
Battle of France
Battle of Britain
The Battle of the Atlantic 
The French Resistance 
North and East Africa 
German and Italian Attack in the Balkans 
Operation Barbarossa 
Fall of East Africa and War in North Africa
The Russian Defence of Moscow and Leningrad 
Stalingrad and the Caucasus
El Alamein and Axis Retreat 
The Russian Advance 
Operation Torch and Tunisia 
Kursk and Continued German Retreat 
Invasion of Sicily and Italy 
The German Retreat, The Russian Advance
Strategic Bombing in Europe
War in Italy 
D-Day - The Allied Invasion
The Liberation of France and Western Europe 
Soviets Advance into Eastern Europe 
Battle of the Bulge and Into Germany 
Fall of Berlin 

=== The War in the Pacific and Asia ===
Long Term Causes of War in the Pacific
Declaration of War
Campaigns in the Pacific
Weapons in the Pacific
Surrender of Japan
Post-War Japan
China - 1920 to 1931
Submarine Warfare

=== Science in World War II ===
Cryptography in World War II
Atomic bomb

=== Extra Information ===
Aircraft of WWII

=== Articles to be put into module ===
The Beginning of the End