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Page-by-page commentary on J├╝rgen Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action, vol. 1:  Reason and the Rationalization of Society
copyright 1981 by Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
translated by Thomas McCarthy
published 1984 by Beacon Press (Boston)

== Introduction:  Approaches to the Problem of Rationality ==
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==== "Rationality" -- A Preliminary Specification ====

==== Some Characteristics of the Mythical and the Modern Ways of Understanding the World ====

==== Relations to the World and Aspects of Rationality in Four Sociological Concepts of Action ====

==== The Problem of Understanding Meaning in the Social Sciences ====

== Max Weber's Theory of Rationalization ==

==== Occidental Rationalism ====

==== The Disenchantment of Religious-Metaphysical Worldviews and the Emergence of Modern Structures of Consciousness ====

==== Modernization as Societal Rationalization:  The Role of the Protestant Ethic ====

==== The Rationalization of Law:  Weber's Diagnosis of the Times ====

== Intermediate Reflections:  Social Action, Purposive Activity, and Communication ==

== From Lukacs to Adorno:  Rationalization as Reification ==

==== Max Weber in the Tradition of Western Marxism ====

==== The Critique of Instrumental Reason ====