[<< wikibooks] World Stamp Catalogue/China/1941
== Sun Yat-sen New York printing ==
The cents value of the basic stamps were printed in sheets of 400 by the American Bank Note Co. of New York then cut into panes of 200.  The dollar values were printed in sheets of 300, and cut into 6 panes of 50 stamps each.

== Thrift commemorative issue ==
This set of stamps was issued to encourage thrift, and reflected the ideas of the then current Thrift Movement.  It illustrates various economic elements in the society.  The stamp was printed by the Chung Hwa Book Co, of Hong Kong in sheets of 100.


== Special delivery (express) stamp ==
This stamp and the registration stamp that follows were produced in Chongqing to fulfill an immediate need at a time when the rates for these services were uncertain, and an increase in rates was expected for 1942.  The inscription shows that the relevant service was paid for each 20 grams.  It was first expected that the express fee would be $4.56 and the registration fee would be $3.43, but by the time the stamps were sold they were $2.00 and $1.50 respectivley.  Both of these stamps were lithographed in sheets of 85 stamps (5 x 17).

== Registration stamp ==